Looking for volunteers!

Hi, everyone! To promote the webcomic and get more followers/attention, we’re starting up a comic dub! Some of our lovely voice actors and actresses have agreed to work with us on this for-fun project, but understandably, some have declined. So we’re looking to fill some of those roles back up!

At the moment, I’m casting all roles needed to complete the prologue and chapter one. As these roles are filled, new ones for chapters 2-5 will gradually be added. Roles filled by Spark actors won’t appear. The comic currently spans four complete chapters and 217 pages and has twelve chapters planned in total (approximately 1,000 pages), so it’s not really a short-term job. A full list of all the roles needed for chapters 1-5 can be seen here: https://swift-spark.com/contact/

Currently, however, we are only planning to do the first five chapters of the comic. If the project gains traction, then chapters 6-12 will be paid work. For now, we offer full credit on the website and in each video’s end credits.


We would love to hear from you, so if you’re interested, go ahead and audition!

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