COMING SOON: Swift Spark and the Defense Five, Episode Two (INDIEGOGO)

There’s only a couple o’ days left to go until the pilot is fully completed, and preproduction on Episode Two (you might have spotted the turnarounds I posted earlier if you’re a paid supporter) is going well! By the end of December, I expect to be able to start recruiting for it, and by March, we should be starting on the storyboards if not the animaton – which is also when our new crowdfunding campaign will launch! (Current expectation: February 27, 2024)!

If there are things you absolutely want to see during this campaign, be it teasers, behind the scenes or rewards, be sure to let us know! There’s plenty of time still to put together a strong, awesome campaign that draws your interest as our supporters. You are as much a part of this as we are.

Expect more news to start coming out over the next couple o’ months!

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