Bad news.

Hey guys, Pan here – and unfortunately with some bad news. No, it’s not about the pilot. That’s still on for this Monday as scheduled. It’s about me. I make a point not to talk about personal stuff on the show’s accounts unless it’s relevant to Swift Spark, and… this unfortunately is.

The cause or reason why isn’t really important, but all you need to know is that early December, my life was turned upside down by a sudden choice my dad made and the situation at home is getting worse by the day because of it. I feel heartbroken and as though our relationship is rapidly deteriorating with no way to save it. He certainly seems to have already decided not to try anymore.

What this means is: I don’t know where Swift Spark’s future lies anymore, because I don’t even know where mine lies. I don’t know whether or not I’ll still have a home next month, or if I’ll be kicked out to go live with my grandma whilst I find a place of my own.

My plans for 2024 were: I wanted to start the next episode with a team.   I saved 13k over the past year, & knew I could make enough during 2024 to fund three episodes’ worth of PREproduction (storyboards and voice acting, NOT animation). I wanted to crowdfund for one more, so that we could end 2024 on 5 episodes (including the pilot) fully boarded & voiced, and we’d choose the most popular one of the four new ones to put into production in 2025-2026.

Yeah, this was already part of a plan to scale back production a little but still have something for you guys to watch and enjoy. 

Further details on the full idea behind this will be released later on when this current crisis is settled, because I do still want to keep this idea going (especially since storyboards will be easier for me to manage on my own / churn out fairly quickly, even if they’re not perfect –  I can still produce boards that can be punched up and revised by others later).

Due to my home life becoming more unstable and volatile by the day, these plans are gone, and I cannot say what comes in their place. This plan was based on me getting another year at home whilst I look for a place of my own in peace, possibly moving out sometime in the fall of 2024.

One thing is for certain – I will not be making it to fall. I’ll be lucky if I last through what’s left of winter – let alone this upcoming Christmas Day, because I fear once the family voices their opinion on my dad’s choices, it will be the point of no return. (They agree with my point of view).

I want to continue Swift Spark, so no matter how much money I’ll be left with after I find my way out on my own, I’ll be doing whatever I can to do so – I did the pilot without an animation team, too, so realistically, I can do it again.

Truth is that this way of working is unsustainable, especially at the mach speed I finished the pilot at. There’s a reason the pilot is mostly ‘standing and talking’ / ‘sitting and talking’ – it’s easy and fast to animate. Action… not so much.

So I just wanted to be honest about Swift Spark’s future even before the pilot comes out – there will be no new episode in 2024. I don’t know how much content there will be in general, because if I have to move as early as February, that’ll cause a lot of chaos and likely prevent me from working the hours I currently am, and… commissions come first.

I’ll keep working on it whenever I can. I’ll keep going with the plan I had set out. Just possibly without a team, and at a much slower rate. The Indiegogo I had planned for end of February will likely not be going ahead and be either moved to later on in the year or cancelled altogether. I can’t demand commitment from you guys when I can’t promise mine.

There is one thing I still want to go ahead because I already set it in motion back in November, and though it’s a chunk of my savings I know it’ll be a worthwhile investment. I hope to have more info on that next week. It’s something exciting, I promise.

So, yeah, I wish I had a more positive post to end the year on, but my hands are tied by someone who in the span of two weeks has completely changed, and who cannot accept that I’m unable to accomodate that change at the notice that’s being demanded.

I hope you all understand – and of course you’ll be kept up to date. I hope 2024 will be nothing but a small bump in the road and that 2025 will be the year Swift Spark finally takes flight.  

Cheers,  and much love,


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