It’s time for Holiday Cards!!

Happy new year, everyone! Starting in 2023, we’re starting Collectible Holiday Cards! 5 days in the year have been marked for this in 2023, but it might become more in the future.

For this year, the dates are:

Valentine’s Day, February 14

Easter, April 9th

Swift Spark Day, August 31st

Halloween, October 31st

Christmas, December 25th

In order to get the cards physically, you have to be part of our Patreon for €10 or more, at least 2 weeks in advance of the holiday’s date, keeping in mind shipping times for the cards.

Digital cards are sent out the-day-of, to all Patrons, so for those it doesn’t matter when you join – as long as it’s before the holiday’s actual date, of course.

Happy collecting!

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