Hi there! Sweet to know you’re interested in volunteering for Swift Spark and the Defense Five. At the moment, we’re looking for volunteers for our comic dub!

Some quick notes:

-Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, which is related to EU regulations.

-Volunteer work isn’t paid. You might be able to apply to a paid position in the future, but that depends on how the Kickstarter goes and where we decide to go from there as a team.

Currently, we are looking for:

COMIC DUB VOICE ACTORS – volunteer. No experience required, but would be a plus.

Check out the available roles. Roles that have been struck through have been taken! You might want to read the comic to see what their personality is like. If you think your voice suits any of them, feel free to contact us!

Extra” roles are roles that appear for less than 10 pages and do not appear again afterward.

Roles available (in order of appearance):

MARTIN RIVERDALE: Male, 31 years old.

JAMES RIVERDALE: Male, 15 years old.

ANTONIO BOUCHARD: Male, 17 years old.

MISS HALL , TEACHER (extra): Female, 30-40 years old.

ANNA KALANI: Female, 16 years old.

VIPER EMPLOYEE (extra): Male, 20-30 years old.

DANIEL COLLINS: Male, 36 years old.

BELLA GARCIA: Female, 17 years old.

THOMAS BENNETT: Male, 18 years old.

SAMIRA RIVERDALE: Female, 17 years old.

CHEYENNE RIVERDALE: Female, 41 years old.

BANK ROBBER (extra): Female, no specific age.

BANK ROBBER (extra): Male, no specific age.

POLICE OFFICER (extra): Male, no specific age.

POLICE OFFICER (extra): Female, no specific age.

ANGELO RIVERDALE: Male, 40 years old.

URSULA: Female, 45 years old.

TAIRSEARCH: Female, 29 years old.

No, you don’t. In the current team, hardly anyone has any “professional” experience. Most of us are freelancers. For us, your portfolio and proven skillset is more important than experience! For a paid position in the future, your skillset must meet a certain standard.

An NDA is a Non-Disclosure Agreement: a contract between you and me that says you cannot talk about certain things regarding this project, and that you promise not to do so.

Since we are currently only looking for comic dub actors, you only need a microphone and audio recording/editing software, such as Audacity.

We would recommend a microphone setup that produces little noise as it eases the editing process. It does not need to be a professional grade setup, however: a microphone similar to the Blue Yeti would be enough.

If you are over 16 years of age, please contact contact@show.swift-spark.com or contact@pan-tastique.com for further details regarding auditioning.