Introducing: Swift Spark and the Defense Five!

Based on the webcomic of the same name, Swift Spark and the Defense Five follows the adventures of sixteen-year-old James Riverdale as he treads into the footsteps of his superhero father. Together with his friends, he is on a mission to find out what really happened to the Red Spark, who disappeared without a trace years earlier – as well as stop VIPER Inc., a corporation dedicated to creating supervillains to do their bidding. James has to learn what it means to be a superhero, as well as balance the life of an ordinary high school boy with the responsibilities of his secret identity.

Swift Spark and the Defense Five began its life in 2016 as a webcomic. Now, the webcomic is halfway through its run, and I feel like I’m ready to take this story to the next level. A spin-off was always planned from the beginning, albeit originally in webcomic form – but the story seems an excellent fit for an animated series, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Above is the first test for the pilot episode. Currently the intention is to produce a proof of concept that can carry a pitch.

The ideal target audience for Swift Spark and the Defense Five are teens and young adults 15 and up, as the show explores themes and issues that are common in the lives of young adults, such as sexuality and mental illness. The webcomic also contains limited violence and bad language, which might be unsuitable for younger children, but the cartoony look and feel of the show might draw them in regardless.

I, as a creator, do not believe that the themes in Swift Spark and the Defense Five are super-problematic for children to explore, as they are a natural part of life, and younger children might be able to relate to our characters’ struggles as well. The show takes inspiration from series such as Miraculous Ladybug and Phineas and Ferb, at times being as lighthearted as those shows, but has a storyline more akin to a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s next? 

It might seem strange from someone who has no professional background in animation to set up a project like this, and I expect to receive many a sceptic eye whilst on this journey. I’ve been working on Swift Spark and the Defense Five for years now, and I believe this story can and will work. The webcomic is still running, and is currently planned to wrap up in 2023. I would love to team up with parties that can help me bring the webcomic from the page to the screen.

Interested? I would love to send you a more in depth version of this pitch. But for now, I’m working along, trying to get as much done by myself as I can. The pilot (proof of concept) is currently in development, entirely self-funded through freelance jobs and Patreon donations.

Kickstarter Launch incoming!

We are preparing to launch our second Kickstarter. Below you can see the timer as to when this will be happening… and further below, you’ll see what we are currently working on.

Webcomic: Chapter 10
Webcomic: Chapter 11
Pilot (Part One): Storyboards 2nd pass

Previously completed goals & things to come

Above, you can see what is currently being actively worked on. Below, you can see what has happened to the comic and series’ development in the past, and some things that have been planned for the future. More things will be added to the timeline as time goes on, so make sure to check in from time-to-time. Note: any date slated as ‘2099’ on the timeline should be considered ‘TBA’.

What can the audience do to help?

I just mentioned Patreon; it’s a platform where creators create exclusive content for their fans, in exchange for a monthly donation. This can be however much you feel like donating. 

Creating an animated pilot by myself is a near impossible task, but hiring people without paying them is definitely not possible (it’s immoral). I am saving up money to get other animators and artists on board, but can’t possibly collect enough money on my own to fully fund a pilot. That’s why, if you feel so inclined, you can opt to donate to see this pilot become a reality – you’ll receive exclusive content and early access to other things in return. That’s why I’m sharing both our donation and Patreon link down here.

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